Some famous and handy Sims freeplay cheats

Posted By on January 30, 2017

Sims Freeplay is a game which is very famous among all the mobile phone users. This game can be played on all the various kinds of phones like Android, Windows, iOS phone and iPhone. This is a popular game, and every user of smartphones has played it at least once. Here are some cool Sims freeplay cheats of this game which can help the players to win the game and pass through its levels very easily.

This game is about creating the individuals and then raising those individuals like a child. In this game, these individuals are provided with all the basic needs of life as they are required in real life. This is a simulation game, and the player has to fulfill all the emotional, financial and social needs of the individual he is raising in the game.

How to get the game currency?

To fulfill their demands in the game, the player needs to have game currency which will be used in growing the sims. For that purpose, there are certain Sims freeplay cheats which will help the player in earning the game currency in short time and hence one can win the game. To earn the game currency, you have to spend real money and buy certain in-app currencies.

Once you get a lot of these items which can be counted as the game currency, you can then cover the distance which was due to the waiting period of this game. However, if you do not want to spend money on buying these apps, then you are going to need the Sims freeplay cheats with the help of which you can achieve what you want in the game.

Some famous and handy Sims freeplay cheats

How to get the Sims freeplay cheats?

The major concern of the player in this game is to earn as much simeleons as possible in the game and then the life points. They not only want to get these things but get them in a fast way.

Although there are a lot of options available on the internet which can guide you about how to get these from others like applying the tricks and glitches in the game or use Facebook or applying the game codes to get these all these ways are tough. There are some much easier Sims freeplay cheats which anyone can apply to get the desired motive.

One of these cheats is the Highchair glitch. You just have owned the o SP and from there you have to go to the store where infant products are sold. Just go for the high chair and by it. Then you can sell it for profit and increase the amount in your hand.

Another very common of the Sims freeplay cheats is the Endless LP cheat. In the game when you reach the milestone population, you are awarded 5 LP. To earn the same LP twice after a milestone, you need to delete the item and go back to milestone award. After going back to home and ending the game, put the game again and you will get the reward again.

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