How to Play SimCity BuildIt and get Money

Posted By on April 16, 2015

We have come up with an excellent article that will help you learn how to play the game and how to use simcity buildit cheats efficiently, since we are familiar with SimCity BuildIt as a game loved by many. In here, you will access some of the cheat codes and tips you require to build the city of your dreams fast, just visit this website and learn how to start then back to us and continue reading this guide.

Always Ensure the Buildings Are Working

Regardless whether we are talking about stores or factories; it’s important that you keep these building in production at all times. Factories produce the main products and advanced buildings turn the products into precious (rare) materials.

The valuable material in turn help residents improves the city. It’s important that you keep them working all the time and ready yourself for quick deals and upgrades that are necessary to creating a magnificent city!

Watch Over the Service Requirements

With this game; you have an unlimited number of residences you can build. So long as you have the building materials. Fortunately for you; materials are easily available. However; if you want the city to thrive, you ought to provide your newly built homes with services.

Hover an eye over the service demands. Simply tap any service from the build menu. Use the icon’s upper menu to peruse the requirements for every kind of service. See to it that your capacity is equal or higher than the demand for the Sims to be happy.

simcity buildit gameWatch Out For Deals

Keep an eye over the coins icon that appears randomly above building you have built. Once the icon appears; tap it and discover different types of deals. These deals demand different items. Pay the items using your Simoleons (Gold).

However; attaining the Simoleons in this game is the difficult part, we advise you to take all deals on offer. The Reason being; the materials will be built back in good time.

Getting Upgrade Materials

There are individual buildings that you can upgrade in this game. Case in point; the City Storage. As you will come to see, the City Storage plays a crucial role in your city. To come across materials, you require; watch over your residences and tap icons that appear above them.

Once you press an icon; a bubble appears, informing you whether the houses are happy or sad about something. Touch the bubble as well and stand a chance of having a special item necessary for an upgrade.

Conclusion: There you have it; a few but necessary cheats and tips to help you advance in the SimCity BuildIt Money game! I also want recommend for you another website where you can learn other top 10 hints and tips for this game – simply go here and read full article then enjoy the game with the new knowledge and methods that will make the game more enjoyable.

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