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Posted By on April 10, 2015

The Sims FreePlay gives you the feel of the Sims environment you may have grown up with, only way better being playable on mobile. EA Games made another breakthrough with this highly addictive game. Same as good old Sims games, anyone who tries it can quickly become enveloped in the virtual world that looks so enticing. You can be anyone you want to be and live the life you have only dreamed of! Here are some of the features incorporated in this great game.

the sims freeplay


As the game itself implies, Sims FreePlay can be downloaded for free. The great news is not only that is comes at no cost yet you get full coverage of the game. It gives you freedom to personalize your Sim, nurture his or her needs, accomplish goals, earn real achievements, and get inspired! Here, being inspired would make you glowing, surrounded with little green twinkling stars. It would mean great health, where a Sim has fulfilled all requirements of enough rest and sleep, food to eat, active social life, and many more things that make him or her happy and satisfied. Things are done here real time, so your Sim takes the luxury of time cooking, eating, watching favorite movies, and more.

Touch Away

The touch platform is definitely way easier as we have gotten used to it with all the advancements in technology we currently have, such as the Android and iOS gadgets we use daily. Compared to using a mouse where you have to move objects around, dragging, rotating and clicking, life is made easier since you can now things almost effortlessly by simply tapping around your screen.

sims freeplay houses

Your Sim

Create your Sim entailed with your own personality and dressed to express your style. To see your Sim’s needs, select your persona and you will be able to view the stats with corresponding bars. When hunger strikes, get your Sim to the fridge, select it and depending on your appliance, the more expensive, the more food, snacks, and ingredients you’ll find. If fun is getting low, have some leisure time playing on the computer or go stargazing if you wish. Sleep if you need to, or get an energy boost with an espresso!

Life Points and Simoleons

sims freeplay lp cheats

Life Points is the currency for buying premium items and speeding up your actions, while simoleons are regarded as the national currency which are earned through completing your goals, working, any many other ways. Life points and simoleons naturally deplete and once your resources run out, you may have to wait for them to be replenished. However, this can be easily fixed through acquiring more with the in-app purchases, or incorporating sims freeplay cheats, and if you prefer not to but want to optimize your free play, then here is how you can get more money:

-Be inspired! Inspired Sims in their best shape earn more simoleons every time they finish tasks and activities.
-Collect XPs. These XPs or experience makes you level up, and by doing so, you get more LP. Go for a drive, visit the town, and do everyday routine for XPs.
-Get a dog. Let your dog have fun and dig and in return, you get LP effortlessly.
-Work. Surely the best way to have regular income is through working. As you are able to grow your community with more buildings and establishments, more opportunities are opened for you in Sim Town. Being industrious and going to work everyday can get you promoted, meaning more XP and Simoleons.
-Sell homemade stuff. Bake goodies then sell them, or grow vegetables in your own garden then sell your crops.

Live to the Fullest

Living life in the Sims grants you full control. Move in to the welcoming neighborhood and design your dream home from the wide selection of classy and elegant home decors. Surf the internet, watch TV, play games, dance to the beat of the music from the bombastic stereo, do whatever you want to do! Pursue your hobbies, paint, draw, craft, go figure skating, and even ghost hunting! Have a house party, make friends, or enemies. Create other Sims, fall in love, grow your family, you can have a baby and watch time pass by as he or she celebrates birthdays, turns into a toddler and then eventually a senior. You can have a dog as a companion and care for your pet. You can do boundless things you can only imagine in real life!

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