The Sims Freeplay: 8 Marriages & Babies FAQs

Posted By on March 24, 2015

Game lovers should know about the Sims freeplay app as it is free to install. It is a unique game in which one Sims can create relationship with another one. This relationship starts with introduction than turn into friendship. At last both plan to get marry. They feel the need of babies after marriage and their grooming. These are so many tasks they have to do in the game in order to enhance their level.

Some of the fast answer questions that come in the mind of players are given below.

How do I create a relationship with other Sims?

This is the main question arises in the minds as to flourish the families. The answer is, in order to have a relationship you have to cross some levels. After the level 10 you are able to get married. It is compulsory to reach at level 10 for marrying to another more about creating relationship in Sims freeplay at

How I accomplish the task of engagement?

After having a strong relationship you need to add romance in your life. Dating should also be held to come closer to one another. You should take smart steps, at the time when you have the task of engagement. Select a beautiful ring for your partner and a flower, than go together to a romantic place. Propose your partner and set an engagement date.

The Sims Freeplay: 8 Marriages & Babies FAQs

If the partner rejects the proposal than what should I do?

It happens sometimes in a Sims freeplay that your partner reject your proposal due to any reason. One of the basic reasons is your engagement ring. You select the ring which will attract your partner.

When we make a marriage plan?

If your partner Sims accepted your proposal than pass some time with each other and have some dates. Romance is the most important element for your relationship. You can plan your marriage at any time after engagement. With the help of Sims freeplay cheats build up your account balance as for purchasing in here to read more information about Sims freeplay cheats.

How can the couple have the baby?

After the marriage you should unlock the baby corner. Visit the town map again and go to the children’s corner from where you can take crib. By clicking on that you can add up your family with a bay.

How we increase the hygienic criteria of baby?

Stay your baby clean as when its diaper becomes full and dirty, clean it up. Cleanliness can improve the hygienic condition and health of your baby.

Can we add new baby in our family?

Yes you can add new baby to your family but for this you have to increase the level of your game. After passing the quests you become able to have another Sims and more babies. Sims freeplay cheats are easy to install as well as they are free. Take advantage of it and play for more time.

Can I have a birthday party of my baby?

After crossing level 11 you become able to plan a birthday party of your baby. It also allows your baby to become toddler.

Sims freeplay characters when become married couples it may happen that they fight with each other so don’t worry about it and enjoy the game.

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