The Sims Freeplay: How affairs-cheatings occur

Posted By on March 24, 2015

Flirt itself is not a good thing and in Sims freeplay it happens so many times in couples. If one partner caught your affair with any other Sims, than it will destroy or disturb your relationship. The cheating and affairs occurs when any of the partners attracts towards any other Sims. They start meeting each other and come closer to one another. At that time they are doing cheating and flirt with another partner.

Child gets affected due to their parent cheating act;

Any of the parents do cheating will affect the baby badly. Sometimes the situation occurs when they are doing date or meeting with new friend can be catch by the child. At that situation they feel bad for their parents and that will lose your points. You have to be careful when you are running the family. Your flirt or affair will not remain secret for long time. Sims freeplay add and minus your points on your more about build relationship in Sims freeplay at

Act of jealousy also bring you down;

When you avoid your existent partner, it will create doubts in the mind of your partner. Automatically he or she will become alert in your case. The concentration of yours diverts so your partner automatically get jealous. Jealousy in the heart of any partner will reduce your points. The main purpose is to add up the points in your game and upgrade the level of your game. After the level 10 you become able to get marry that will add your here to read Sims freeplay FAQ’s.

Reconstruct the relationship;

It is not impossible to rebuild the existent relationship that ruin due to the flirt. You can again build the trust between you by saying sorry. If you will become successful to maintain your relation it can give you bonus and benefits. Sometimes the partner show anger and don’t agree to live with you as due to your cheating than it will destroy the marriage. Sims freeplay cheats add your lives and increase your account to play more and more.

Symptoms of having flirt or cheat;

When you are married or committed with your partner Sims and at that time you start building new relation is a cheating. Your partner feels it when your get ready to go to the date without offering him or her. When you sing a romantic song in deep thinking will alert your partner. Dancing with a new Sims when your partner is present in the hall, is also a symptom of having cheating and flirt.

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