The Sims Freeplay: How to Build a Relationship

Posted By on March 24, 2015

Building a relationship with other Sims freeplay is not much difficult just to make them social. Anti social people avoids to create new relations but in the case of Sims you don’t become anti social at all. The introduction with other Sims would be the first step as to make a relationship.

First stage;

The very first stage when your Sims never meets with any other so that all of others are strangers for it. At this stage you have to show other Sims in front of yours for bringing it out from the strangers rank.

Second stage;

After knowing about other Sims, like after facing any other the game automatically upgrade as to 100 XP. After the introduction level move further for making the relationship more information about how to succeed at Sims freeplay by clicking here

Third stage;

Make them friends in order to boost up the Sims as after friendship your stage reaches to 150 XP levels in which you get extra bonuses and benefits. Start sharing with each other as to make this relationship more strong.

Forth stage;

The time comes when your Sims freeplay become closer to other Sims. After having a close relationship your friendship boost up and at that time you have to be careful. You should focus your relationship by indulging more care and friendly behavior. This is not a difficult stage to accomplish so avail this chance. Here Sims freeplay cheats help you to pass more time with your friends as by giving you extra lives and moves.

The Sims Freeplay: How to Build a Relationship

Fifth stage;

After becoming best friends you need to involve romance in your relationship. Chest bump can be first step towards romance or by having couple dance on a romantic song. Romance can bring them closer that is a good sign for having love. It adds up the points and level of your Simsfreeplay. If you need extra time to spend with your partner, then don’t worry about that. You can search an internet and can get a valuable cheats for your Sims that allow you to play for more time. This extra time fulfill your dream that you and your partner saw. Pass much time with your friend and have a deep romance.visit for detailed walk-through of a game.

Kissing on hands and dancing bring them closer. Jumping from 150 XP to 200 XP can be possible after kissing on cheeks. Arrange a date for your Sims to upgrade the level. Choose a best place and time for dating purpose. You can purchase costumes that show them hot and sexy by utilizing the bonuses or cheats. Sims freeplay cheats help you in this manner and if you want to have new version of cheats you can uninstall the existence one and replace it with new.

Final stage;

After knowing one another deeply the time comes when you can take the decision of getting married. Relationship becomes stronger after this step. Sims arranges and plans the wedding ceremony. Here your relationship tree grows fully and than your Sims series changes after having sex.

After getting married your Sims freeplay moves on to next levels which are having different tasks and quests for upgrading the game.

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