The Sims Freeplay: Marrying Your First Couple

Posted By on March 24, 2015

As marriage is the most important element in real life, likewise in Sims freeplay it is important too. As you have to face so many goals and tasks related to your family so for all of them the first step should be of marriage. Once you find another Sims as your couple, your focus is on building the relationship. First marriage is somehow time consuming and difficult but after that you can easily get married for second or third time.

Some of the key steps you should take when you try to have your first marriage.

Updating of your game;

Before taking any step you have to check your device and all the installation. Here you need to have new versions and updates. Double check those all as if there is any problem than you solve it out before doing task. Some of the apps need refreshing of already installed apps but some of them automatically refreshed.

Updating on social media;

Here it is also important and beneficial if you create an account on face book. It will increase the lives of your game.

The Sims Freeplay: Marrying Your First Couple

Promotion after passing the love in the air quest;

When you reach at the level, where you face love in the air quest. You become able to engage with the partner. Here if you play it well in the limited and desirable time it will give you the bonus. The bonus can be in the form of beautiful wedding or engagement ring. If you unable to pass the level in given time than don’t worry. You can get married but you have to purchase the wedding equipments by yourself. Take smart steps to attract your partner like invite on the date, have a romantic dance, give friendship gifts, kissing on hands and cheeks, and have a dinner.visit to read more information about Sims freeplay

Propose your partner in a different way;

Everyone likes change so you also have to set a different theme for your partner to propose. Buy a stylish and unique engagement ring with bunch of flowers. Offer in a romantic style so that your partner won’t be able to say no. Here the selection of ring takes mean for you. After having engagement you can move to next levels as where you can be able to get married. Simsfreeplay bring two Sims closer in a way that they feel need of marriage and plan to live together.

Avoid proposing the Sims which already lives with you;

The Sims who is already living with you is not being the best choice for you. If you select it for building a relationship of marriage it cannot be long lasting. Try to check other Sims for this purpose. After having marriage set your house again. Decorate it for your partner and bring it to your house.

After creating strong and lovely relationship, the partners do sex for enhancing the family. Marrying first time in Sims freeplay experience you for the next time as well as increases the level of your game.

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