We’re Asked: Physics Games Are Fun But Are They Educational?

Posted By on March 24, 2015

We like to take a look at opinion pieces from around the internet to see what people think about the current free online gaming industry and it seems that people generally are impressed with the vast number of different styles, genres and categories of free games that you can play online for free but one statement sparked this post for us.

Someone asked a question about the gaming category that we know as Physics Games and they wanted to know whether other people within the community thought that the games were more about fun than providing educational advancement… (yeah we know, must have been a teacher or something! haha!)

Anyway we decided to see what we could turn up while looking at free online physics games that would be able to shed a little more light into the subject and it seems that the original poster could well be right as there aren’t many physics games out there on the open market that are designed to aid classroom teachers with providing fun learning for their students, i mean if physics was about heading into the lab to sit down and play games for the hour or so that the class lasted, sure there would be more interest in it?

We’re Asked: Physics Games Are Fun But Are They Educational?

Although the physics games out there on sites such as PhysicsOnlineGames.net aren’t about to make you into a famous scientist or about to give you an idea on how to cure disease, the fact that they are called physics games comes down to the development engine that the games are based on. The physics games engine.

There are loads of popular physics games out there on the internet these days and with over 4 million searches a month, Happy Wheels has become one of the largest games ever to be credited to being a physics related game but would teachers use it in class? No, too bloody!

Personally we feel that the use of games within lessons would be a mistake for schools as interaction would be reduced massively within the classroom as students focus more on their gameplay, however if they were to develop games that could be used on a bigger scale, say a large screen within the room, there could be more interaction and fun within their lessons.Click here to read an interesting post about slot games

So with that, we ask again…. Are physics games educational?

Answer: No, but they are plenty of fun!

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